Will Gillmore

Graeme is a patient listener, and inquisitive. He is highly perceptive and has been a considerable help in making sense of a frustrating situation and in planning for the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Graeme to anyone who is contemplating a change or who needs help in organising their thoughts or deciding on future actions. (December 2014)

Tim Baldwin

Graeme has been an enormous help to the development and growth of my business. As a young, small company, it can seem incredibly lonely in an established market place. Graeme has helped me think clearly and methodically about my own personal and professional objectives – and with his guidance the pathway to achieving those goals and objectives is clearer and far less daunting. With those initial goals achieved I look forward to tackling the next challenges, with Graeme along side. (April 2014)

Luke McInerney

Graeme is a professional who I hold in high regard, therefore I saw it is a fantastic opportunity to work with him as an executive coach.

He has a unique ability to challenge in such an unbiased way that enables me to realise my own potential. His pragmatic and patient approach allows me to set realistic goals and understand the correct path to obtain results and success.

I began working with Graeme at a time when my position was subject to great frustration and with his assistance has enable me have overcome the adversity with great self belief. I am grateful for having met Graeme and can say with confidence that he has been instrumental in the step change in my ability, confidence and recent career success. I will continue to work with him in the knowledge that my personal and professional life will benefit significantly for his involvement and would like to express my gratitude for all of his support so far. (July 2012)

Rachel Crozier

I started working with Graeme at a time when I was uncertain about which way to jump professionally.  I have appreciated and benefitted enormously from his supportive yet determined manner to keep me on track. He gave me enough space to explore several avenues (without getting exasperated at my indecision), and kept me focussed on the matter in hand without being directive! His previous senior management experience and professional expertise, together with his great interpersonal skills make him an ideal coach, and I am really very pleased to recommend him. (October 2011)

Hassan Ashraf

As I said to you in our first session, I wasn’t sure what to expect from your coaching. I believe that they have been of tremendous value and highly recommend them to anyone who will listen to me!

I feel the sessions are opening my eyes in terms of the opportunities available to me, post RAF and as I maybe described to you in our last session, it is rather like being 16 years old again and having a wealth of opportunities available to you. They are definately meeting my objectives of helping me decide where I want my career to head in the future. Perhaps more importantly, the sessions we have had and questions posed by yourself, have encouraged me to think about my own development and realise that I am in charge of my career path.

I believe you have a wealth of ‘life’ experience, in terms of career and personal development and courses you have undertaken and the individuals you have coached/mentored. These all come together to deliver an approach, which is one of attentiveness and poignant questions, to make the individual think about themselves, for themselves.

For someone who has plodded along for the past few years with no particular career focus, the sometimes obvious questions have managed to elude me. When asked them, the lightbulb above the head magically appears and I wonder why I haven’t thought of that already! I can safely say that your questions are well planned, appropriate and thought provoking. More questions please!  (September 2011)