How Do You “Think” About Things?

Do you think “I can do that”, or “I couldn’t possibly do that”, or is it somewhere in between … “Maybe I could do that”?

How you think about things significantly affects your likely outcomes. For instance, say you are marvelling at a musician’s apparent effortless delivery of a beautiful piece of music, and thinking to yourself, “I could never do that” … well you might be surprised to know that those talented musicians got to where they are through lots and lots of practice and hard work … and when they were starting out they were thinking ‘I can’t do this … yet‘!

Most people would credit Eric Clapton with being a good guitar player. When he started out he used to practice the same riff over and over again until it rolled effortlessly from his fingers (remember ‘Layla’?). Similarly, Jamie Cullum (who famously failed his grade 4 piano exam) became a great Jazz pianist after playing endlessly day after day for years and years. Now when he plays he says that it feels easy and natural … but he didn’t start out that way.

Deep satisfaction (or happiness) is derived from working hard at something that takes time and effort and getting better at it. How long and how hard you work and how much progress you make is up to you, but everyone can do it! When you think this way there are no boundaries to what you can achieve.

What would you like to achieve?

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Graeme Vousden